Rose’s Kitchen

Fried Anchovy With Tempeh


50g dried anchovy (ikan bilis)

80g pickled radish (chai por)

1 piece tempeh (fermented soya beans)

1 clove garlic, minced

1 big onion, sliced

1 red chilli, shredded

1 stalk spring onions, chopped


1 tbsp oyster sauce

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp water


1.  Wash ikan bilis and drain dry. Wash pickled radish in several changes of water and squeeze dry. Cut tempeh into cubes.

2.  Heat oil and deep-fry the ikan bilis and tempeh separately till crispy and golden brown.  Remove and drain.

3.  Leave 1 tbsp of oil in wok and saute the garlic and pickled radish till fragrant.  Add in sliced onion, fried tempeh and ikan bilis and seasoning.  Sprinkle with some water if too dry. Stir constantly until well combined. 

4.   Lastly add in the chopped spring onions and sliced red chillies and mix well.  Dish up and serve.

January 27, 2007 - Posted by | Seafood

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